• Question: How are test tube babies made

    Asked by 263orange24 to Jacob, Eve on 25 May 2018.
    • Photo: Evelyn Kabia

      Evelyn Kabia answered on 25 May 2018:

      Invitro fertilization is tpe of assited reproductive technology that helps women become pregnant. It involves;
      1. the woman gets a drug to supress the menstrual cycle
      2. Fertility drugs are given to the woman to enhance production of more eggs in the ovaries than usual.
      3. the eggs are collected through a minor surgery “follicular aspiration” where a thin needle is put through the vagina and into the ovary. the needle is connected to a suction device which sucks out the eggs in each ovary.
      4. The eggs are placed together with the male sperm and put a controlled chamber where fertilization occurs or the sperm can be injected into the egg.The egg divides and becomes an embryo and one/two embryos are selected for transfer to the woman who is usuallu given progesterone to help theendometrium receive the embryo.
      5. The embryo/s is/are placed/tranfered to the uterus through a thin tube/catheter through the vagina and when it implants on the uterus the embryo begins to grow.