Asked by 935orange33 to Eve, Gregory, Jacob, Makobu, Nelson on 28 May 2018.
    • Photo: Makobu Kimani

      Makobu Kimani answered on 28 May 2018:

      Sometimes a woman may have trouble getting pregnant and can make use of a surrogate mother. There are two types of surrogate mothers.
      1. Traditional surrogate- where the lady will get inseminated with sperm from a man and then get pregnant but at birth will surrender the baby to the couple from whom the sperm came from. As you can imagine this is a very difficult separation.
      2. Gestational surrogate- Here the ova and sperm from the couple undergoes in-vitro fertilization (so called test tube baby). This is implanted into the surrogate mother and the foetus develops into a baby in this lady. At birth, the surrogate mother will surrender the baby to the couple from whence the ova and sperm came from. This is an easier separation than the earlier one.