• Question: is it good to wear tight pants

    Asked by 935orange33 to Eve, Gregory, Jacob, Makobu, Nelson on 17 May 2018.
    • Photo: Makobu Kimani

      Makobu Kimani answered on 17 May 2018:

      I am not sure if you are asking as a man of lady so I will answer for both.
      In men the testes are located out of the body and hang in a scrotum. This is natures deliberate effort to keep the temperature in the testes lower than general body temperature. This is because sperm need a lower temperature to develop and mature. Therefore wearing very tight pants in a man can result in the scrotum being pushed too close to the body and thus an increase in temperature that can affect sperm production. Actually men that spend long periods in hot places like driving while sitting above a hot engine can have their fertility affected.
      For women the only concern would be the material that the pant is made from. If it is synthetic like nylon, then she may sweat and the material does not absorb the sweat and the moisture remaining can create a good environment for growth of an organism called candida that causes itchy sensation and even a discharge that is very uncomfortable to have.

    • Photo: Gregory Omondi

      Gregory Omondi answered on 17 May 2018:

      Tight clothing is generally not advisable since it might interfere with blood flow and general comfort so yeah avoid it if and when you can, tt’ll be good for your health.

    • Photo: Nelson Kibinge

      Nelson Kibinge answered on 17 May 2018:

      Well, loose pants give better circulation of air around critical organs.